Welcome to Tarnobrzeg – the friendly town
Tarnobrzeg – the town with its 50 000 population is not an ordinary town.

Why? Becouse there are only several towns in Poland that changed so much during last 20 years.

Our town and especially its main company “Siarkopol” was known all over the world as a leading producer of brimstone. But wind of changes blew and nowadays mine precints has become into green belt and open pit mine into large artificial lake.

Tarnobrzeg is a green town: you can check it up especially in the month of May when Tarnobrzeg celebrates its location anniversary.

Oh, anyway you can always come around because people are very friendly and there are lot of place worth seeing.
For example the Vistula river. Tarnobrzeg is on the right bank of it. The river is still wild (though surrounded by massive embankment) and full of fish.
There are also monuments and old churches.
And there are also new buildings, gyms, sport facilities, roads, pavements and shops – Tarnobrzeg is one of the leading towns of the region that profited from UE money – You can see it in almost every part of the town! Moreover Tarnobrzeg has got a lot of ground suitable for every kind of investment
Tarnobrzeg is halfway between Lublin and Cracow. And just a few miles from famous Sandomierz. Visiting those cities just drop in to Tarnobrzeg – the friendly town with the friendly people.